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Founded in 1977, The Brooks Group is an award-winning B2B sales training company focused on bringing practical, straightforward solutions to your sales force selection and training challenges. The Lead Assign functionality eliminates lead assignment inefficiencies thereby reducing speed to lead significantly.   The Brooks Group reduced their speed to lead by over 55%!


Speed to lead quality improvement

The Brooks Group improves their sales team performance

The Brooks Group understood the importance of speed to lead as it pertains to responding to customers, especially now more than ever. The company was focused on cutting down on the time it took to respond to a lead. Lead Assign’s patented technology helped The Brooks Group to decrease their lead time by more than 55%, resulting in better customer service and higher performing sales team.

Routing Methodology

Integration services drove immediate results

The Brooks Group got up and running fast

Speed to lead is quite important. After implementing Lead Assign, we’ve been able to cut our lead time in half, from 12 minutes to under five minutes. The reporting dashboard and built-in rolling average is a significant added benefit from an analytics point of view. I can understand how the platform can be hugely beneficial to retailers with distributed sales teams. I would like to highlight the customer service, responsiveness very well-done. Thank you to Paul at Lead Assign.”

Josh Winters, Director of Business Development at The Brooks Group


Purpose-built data analytics means continuous improvement

The Brooks Group integrates their platform with HubSpot

Lead Assign’s self-serve functionality resulted in a straight-forward process to get going fast and a smooth integration with their HubSpot account. The platform is tailored to the company’s needs. Everything that comes through the Lead Assign platform is intentional and, in doing so, adding efficiency to the sales process. It is greatly beneficial to have the data at an all-in-one central location.

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