The global business has clear visibility into their complex sales workflows and networks

Customer Overview

HP - Lead Assign Success Story

Helwett-Packard (HP) fuels their customers with smart printing processes driving their customers’ operational efficiency, flexibility, and profitability.  

With sales partner strategies, HP drives their lead to revenue funnel with urgency.

The Lead Assign platform provides visibility to the partner lead journey prompting a competitive lead pursuit culture and eliminating lead workflow gaps. 


Printing solutions


Channel lead workflow


Lead pursuit visibility


100% Lead acceptance


Lead to revenue quality improvement

HP provides an end-to-end service experience by their authorized partners

HP prides themselves in their appropriate responsiveness to potential buyers in a timely manner. Leads are sourced on a global scale and delivered digitally.

Leads are matched with the most appropriate partner in real time. They discovered that leads generated through social media have the highest conversion rates, while leads generated at trade shows are considered appropriate for lead nurturing. 

Routing Methodology

Geographical region doesn’t hinder lead distribution

HP routes leads globally

Through the elimination of spreadsheets, HP routed over 7500 leads instantly to over 960 partners in Europe, Asia and North America over a period of three months.

If a lead is not accepted by an agent, it is routed and offered to the next best suited – and so on until acceptance.


Encouraging competitive sales culture drives conversion

HP knows their top-performing channel partners

HP responds to their customers with the upmost speed to lead.

They have answers to questions such as “Are my leads getting worked?” More importantly, “Are my leads being worked by the right partner?”

With Lead Assign, lead velocity is enhanced through prompting lead pursuit and identifying top-performing agents.

No application adoption needed. No friction. HP saw an increase of almost 9x conversion percent rate over the course of automation implementation.