The leading manufacturer supports their professional retail and partner network across the U.S.

Customer Overview

Mannington - Lead Assign increase sales velocity

One of the world’s leading manufacturers of fine flooring, Mannington Mills supplies product to over 3500 retail stores located through the United States and Canada.

Through a professional retailer network strategy, Mannington Mills drives their digital lead to revenue funnel with support and impact.

Lead Assign helps to provide much needed visibility of its retailer network that would otherwise be a black box. In doing so, Mannington Mills provides high quality leads while also eliminating lead workflow and management gaps. 


Retailer relationship management drives lead to revenue

Mannington customizes the full Lead Assign technical functionality to benefit all its different retailers.

With multiple lead channels, it can be easy to overwhelm the workflow created by lead generation campaigns.

Lead hints, battlecards, and geo-locator are only a few of the many enhancements Mannington utilizes to ensure their retailers get the best leads possible.

With 100% complete lead visibility, Mannington enhances its advantageous lead sources and streamlines its lead assignment to retailers – from mom and pop shops to large retailers with multiple locations.

Routing Methodology

Geographical region doesn’t hinder lead Routing assignment

Mannington distributes leads across North America instantly

No matter the location, leads are matched with the most appropriate sales representative or retailer partner to the shopper and in real time driving lead pursuit.

Through the elimination of spreadsheets, Mannington routes over hundreds of leads instantly across the United States.

  • If a lead is not accepted by a retailer, it is routed and offered to the next closest – and so on until acceptance.
  • If there isn’t a retailer within close proximity to the shopper, the lead is matched with a Mannington sales representative.


Existing marketing automation tools are enhanced

Mannington integrates HubSpot and Lead Assign

With Lead Assign, lead velocity is enhanced through the enhancement of popular marketing automation tools, such as HubSpot.

Mannington experienced a smooth HubSpot integration that increased its campaign capabilities and impact. No application adoption needed. No friction.

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