The modern car dealership uses optimized lead pursuit to connect with buyers faster

Customer Overview

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For Santogal, Portugal’s most recognized automotive dealer group representing 24 car brands, delivering qualified leads in a timely manner to its 250 sales agents had presented an ongoing challenge for the company.

By implementing Lead Assign as their platform for intelligent lead distribution, Santogal has drastically improved their speed to lead.  They now provide quick, dedicated sales nurturing for inbound web leads.

“Using Lead Assign greatly reduced our sales people’s lead response time,” says Alexandre Gomes, Digital Marketing Manager, Santogal.

“We started with a few agents testing the solution and, it quickly became clear that it made sense to extend Lead Assign to our entire sales team. Lead Assign has become a vital part of our day-to-day success.”




Speed to Lead


Automated lead routing


Improved Time to Action


Increased Lead Velocity

Santogal increased conversion of their web leads by 89% between their first two years with Lead Assign

In a highly competitive marketplace, customer service is a key differentiator to not only earning business, but retaining it.  Santogal addresses this by providing expert sales staff to assist all clients throughout their purchasing journey. 

Implementing Lead Assign has allowed these key sales agents to be connected to prospects in real-time. 

Santogal enjoys the key advantage of connecting with potential customers almost immediately and while their intent is still strong, drastically boosting conversion

Santogal’s improved in the time it takes to not only assign leads to agents, but for those agents to take action is a testament to their quick reaction time and excellent service.

Increased agent feedback


decreased time to action


decreased distribution time


Routing Methodology

Increased Agent Feedback

Santogal takes a hands-on approach to automotive sales

Sales insights and feedback is essential to improving a business’s sales strategy.  Web leads offer a wide range of data points which can be tracked and analyzed to optimize the sales funnel. 

By encouraging reporting on progress from their agents, Santogal is gaining visibility not just into the sales practices of their agents, but the success of their leads from various sources. 

The Lead Assign patented technology encourages sales feedback collection from an easy to use, no-login or download required platform.


Encouraging Agent Success

Santogal rewards effective sales practices

Lead Assign’s agent scoring capabilities have allowed Santogal to identify and reward top users on the platform. By assigning points for not only leads which are accepted in a timely manner, but leads which are declined as well, Santogal is encouraging faster lead distribution. 

The faster an agent accepts, the more likely they are to close that deal. 

Declining a lead supports this model as well, encouraging agents to act as team players and not let leads sit idle unnecessarily.  The higher an agent’s score, the more likely they are to receive quality leads. 

Ultimately, having good leads, handled instantly by the best possible agent is what has led to Santogal’s continued success with the Lead Assign platform.


New Email Notification Design

We have redesigned our email notification templates to further put the right information at your fingertips. The new design highlights what needs to be done next, and makes it easier for salespeople to see their performance rating.

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Product Updates

New UI for agents designed to drastically improve productivity.

The newly redesigned interface puts the lead you are working front and centre, but allows quick and easy access to all leads assigned to you. As always, no login is required. If it’s been a while since you last viewed a lead, we simply email you a magic link to get you back in the drivers seat.

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