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Spreadsheet (CSV, Excel, Google Docs) lead import

Leads are best served hot off the presses, but sometimes your business process  supplies you with leads in spreadsheet format.

To get a spreadsheet full of leads into Lead Assign.

  1. Set up a Zapier account at zapier.com
  2. Create a new Zap
  3. Your starting point (trigger) is a Google spreadsheet. Pick a spreadsheet. Every time you add a line to this spreadsheet, a lead will be sent through lead assign.
  4. Then add a step, choose your action app as leadassign. You may need to get an invite which is available here 
  5. Enter your lead assign company slug and your apikey as  shown
  6. Now you should have something like this…
  7. Press the test – this will send a real lead into Lead Assign!

This method allows for real time lead routing, if for instance you have a call centre adding leads to a spreadsheet. You can of course add lines to a Google spreadsheet from an Excel or CSV file etc.


There are some good tips about best practices for doing this here at Zapier:

Basically, if you enter new rows slowly, you may want to change how you do it. (ie copy/paste entire row into a new spreadsheet called ‘sent leads’ or similar).



















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