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Company Settings: Advanced Settings


In the event that you receive normal communication emails mixed in with your lead emails, you can set a forwarding rule to divert it from your lead funnel.
How Forwarding works…

      • Enter the address you would like to Forward email to in the Enter Forwarding Address box.
      • Enter the subject you would like to filter on in the search in subject box.
      • Any email received that contains the subject will be sent to the Forwarding address
      • Forwarding does not affect lead routing and is not affected by blacklisting or whitelisting
      • Forwarding is limited to three rules per company

Advanced Settings

    • Agents names as tags toggle

When parsing leads, look for agent names in the lead

    • Every agent qualifies for untagged leads.

If you have assigned users a pecking order (PK_xxx tags) then leads will always score based on that. Otherwise, if the lead has no tags everyone will be given an equal chance

    • Custom terms and conditions

This displays your custom terms and conditions on the view lead screen prior to lead acceptance.

    • Disable agent queue

Disabling multiple agents queuing will send the incoming lead to the agent or office that best matches the lead only. The timer will be disabled and the lead will be considered automatically accepted.


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