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Company Settings: Spam Filtering

In some cases, especially where you do not have control of the lead source, you may receive emails to your email endpoint that are not leads.

The first step in creating a valuable lead funnel is to make sure you have done everything to cut off spam at the source. Tools like Google Recaptcha and other such spam filters should be used. If spam is still getting through then read on…

Leads will flow through the steps below in order.

  1. If the lead matches a whitelist rule, it is parsed and dispatched to an agent.
  2. If the lead matches a blacklist rule, it is rejected.
  3. If the spam score of a lead (sent via email) exceeds the spam score limit then it is rejected.

The email address and subject line are searched, if either contains a phrase form a black/white list the lead is disqualified/re-qualified as appropriate. If you are trying to blacklist an entire domain, do it like so: @domainname.com (including the @ sign) this will insure that superdomainname.com is not also blacklisted.

Spam Score

Spam score is an automated ruleset that applies across all the incoming leads. The effective range is 0.0 to 20.0.

  • 1.0 – Very strict, only people will have a score lower than 1
  • 3.0 – Most regular people will be allowed though and most web form submissions
  • 5.0 – Most services (web form submissions) will be allowed though
  • 7.0 – This will allow leads though and filter out most of the blatant spam (default)
  • 20.0 – Max spam score leads should have
  • 1000.0 – No spam filtering, allow all emails though (set super high to ensure that)


Forwarding can be used to forward a certain type of email coming in through the account. This setting simply forwards the email to someone. The email will also send out via normal routing (unless blacklisted).

How Forwarding works…

  • Enter the address you would like to forward email to in the Enter Forwarding Address box.
  • Enter the subject you would like to filter on in the search in subject box.
  • Any email received that contains the subject will be sent to the Forwarding address.
  • Forwarding does not affect lead routing and is not affected by blacklisting or whitelisting.
  • Forwarding is limited to three rules per company.
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