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Facebook Lead Ads

Facebook Lead Ads are a great way to generate interest in your company or service.  See more at Facebook.

Lead Assign can be connected to your Facebook page where leads are being generated so that the instant a lead is generated on your Facebook Lead Ad page, it’s put into your lead assign account, and distributed to your agents as per your rules, using tags, etc. Lead Assign has created what is known as a Facebook application so that we can make sure your leads are responded to by real sales people in record time! We call the feature ‘Facebook Connect’. As an example, a real estate broker can run a lead ads campaign, and have Lead Assign distribute leads to real estate agents in real time. The cost of Lead Assign is usually much less than the cost of lead acquisition (ie your Facebook ad fees) and furthermore, Lead Assign doubles or better the value of each lead, as timely response leads to more conversions!

How to set things up:

  1. Make sure you are logged into the facebook account that has the Lead Ads and the Facebook page you want to connect to Lead Assign.
  2. Login to https://app.leadassign.com and go to your Company Settings, then the Advanced tab, and then look for the button that says “Login with Facebook” or similar. Press that and authorize Lead Assign to handle your leads. You will need to select the Facebook Page(s) that Lead Assign will process leads for.

If you see something like the above, then you are most of the way there.

Now proceed to your Facebook account and set up your Lead Ads.

Also – we find that Lead Ads often have only a small amount of information (which is usually good, as you want as small a entry barrier as possible on most forms).

The problem tends to be that lead ads refer to things like you Ad Group and Ad ID as a number only, which makes it hard to figure out for your agents what exactly what context the lead was generated in. The solution to this is to add ‘Tracking Parameters’ to your lead ads. Add one to describe the advertisement that you are using the form in, or some keywords that you want to use for routing leads in lead assign.


When you are done that you can test your system by visiting


When you press the Preview form button there should be text saying that you will be sending data to Lead Assign. There should be the “Webhook Subscription for the Selected Page” area at the bottom.

If you press ‘Create lead’ a lead with dummy values will be sent into the system. It’s a real lead that you should see move through your lead assign account.

In your Lead Assign account, under the leads tab, you should see the lead near the top. It may have something like “<test lead: dummy data for full_name>” as the name of the customer. When real leads come in they will have the name filled out.

Note that Lead Assign will read many of the fields that Facebook Lead Ads sends. Name, email, and/or phone are essential items to include in the form. Don’t forget longer forms with more questions lead to lower conversion rates!



Sometimes you will run into issues with the Facebook app and a lot of the time these issues can be resolved by disconnecting then reconnecting the app. If you notice you’re receiving error 103 CRM access revoked follow the steps below.

1. Visit https://www.facebook.com/settings?tab=business_tools and click the checkbox next to the Lead Assign App.
2. Click “Remove”
3. Go to your Lead Assign account, navigate to the Integrations tab and click on Login with Facebook
4. Login and connect the applicable pages
5. Visit https://developers.facebook.com/tools/lead-ads-testing and put through a test lead. If it runs through without issue, problem solved. Otherwise contact Support.

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