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Formatting Incoming Leads

Lead Assign has been designed to parse any format of incoming lead. However, if you have control over the format

of the initial lead submission, there are a few things you can do to ensure your leads are parsed and routed correctly.

Lead Assign specifically look for items following these labels:

Name: Susan Customer

Phone: Susan’s Phone #

Email: Susan’s Email

Address: Susan’s Address as one line

ZIP: US postal code.

Postal Code: postal code

Message: I am interested in your product,
it looks really interesting. I am considering buying this week
– Other data here is fine..

Note all the fields are optional. Your lead form may only capture name and email – that’s fine.

That said, Lead Assign can take leads that are not in this format and still be able to determine the name, phone, and email

of the customer interested in your services. Please note that for many lead sources you will not have the opportunity to create

leads that in the neat and tidy format similar to that shown above. Lead Assign can read leads that are non-formatted chat

transcripts, verbose leads from 3rd party lead generators and lots more. It’s our job to read your leads as they come in and

pick the correct agents to get those leads – leave it to us!

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