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Lead Geolocator

For this setting you’ll be writing where the system will look to get the location of a lead. Similar to Lead Transformer you’ll be using regex to find the text. It is highly recommended if you have multiple lead sources to have Lead Assign Support set up these rules for you so they’ll pick up locations from every lead source. Below you’ll find a simple example of a rule to pick up the Zip Code of a lead and use that for determining the location of a lead.

Email Address: *
Label: Zip Code
Find: /Zip Code:(.*)/

This rule will find the Zip Code within the lead, use the variable data as the search information. Apply the label of Zip Code to that information letting the system know what exactly you’re searching off of. When it searches for that Zip it will define the location as the center of the Zip area.

Geolocation weighting can be used to define how important physical distance to a lead is. If you have maximum distances in place on your agents and route based on tags as well, you can leave the weighting at 0 and there will be no bonus weight provided to an agent for their location. Instead this would make distance a qualifying factor, similar to an exclusive tag with no weight.

Note: If you are on “Pro” or lower packages you may incur a support fee to set up the rules properly. Please attempt yourself first if you are only using 1 or 2 lead forms/sources and you’ll likely find its easier than you thought!

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