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Lead Hints

If you want certain bits of information from a lead to be displayed to your agents that you aren’t using as a tag, Lead Hints is what you’re looking for. This setting works like the Lead Transformer in terms of setting it up and is used to provide a “hint” in regards to what a lead wants, where exactly it is located, etc. Here we will cover a couple simple rules so you can understand the layout and if you need more advanced rules set up please contact [email protected]

If you want to pull the Zip Code from a lead and display it in the hints without using it as a routing rule (tag) you’ll want the rule set up to detect what is already in the lead. If the lead comes in with the label as “Zip Code: ” you will have to format to match.
Email Address: *
Find: /Zip Code: (.*)/
Display: Zip _%1%_

If you want to display if a lead is looking for a certain brand of car you can have the rule set up as follows:
Email Address: *
Find: /Honda/
Display: Honda

The Lead Hints rules can be difficult to set up just the way you want them to be but if you give it a few tries you’ll likely get it working perfectly. With this it is recommended that if you are having trouble contact the support team and let them know what you’re trying to accomplish. They’ll get it working and show you how for next time!

Note: If you are on “Pro” or lower packages you may be required to pay a support fee to get all your rules put in place.

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