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Opening an account

These articles will help you efficiently and effectively set up your account for Lead Assign. It is important to note that if you’re setting up an account you will be the administrator of the account. These privileges will allow you to manage the account and verify new users being added to the account.

To get started, create an account here.

Administrative Permissions

  • Define your Editors and Users
  • Administrators are the only users who can control the billing process.
  • The first Admin created is the default catch-all unless otherwise specified.
  • Admins receive notifications if any agents comment on a lead.
  • Admins can promote other users and editors to admins.
  • Admins can demote another admin.
  • An admin can not demote themselves.
  • An admin cannot be deleted (You must be demoted by another admin to a user or editor before deletion).

Editor Permissions

  • Editors can promote users to editors but cannot promote to admin.
  • Editors can view the company profile but not the billing.

User Permissions

  • Users are agents, they do not log into the system.
  • Users are lead recipients.

If you create an administrator before an account is set up a randomly generated password will be created for the admin. They will be required to reset the password before the account is viewable.

The only users who can access the company are administrators and editors. Users are not allocated the ability to view the company backend profile.


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