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Organizing a Hierarchy

With more advanced lead routing setups you may find yourself in a position where you’re funneling all of your lead traffic into one Parent account that then filters down to sales teams/partner companies then offers to agents. This setup is great for maintaining team specific reporting and having Managers manage their teams within the system without impacting general routing or other sales teams.

To create a Hierarchy you would create the Parent company. This is the top of the structure and all leads will flow into this company to begin with. The users on this account will be your partner companies/sales teams. You will need to create the companies for all the partner companies/sales teams prior to adding them as users to this account. You will use the Child company’s email endpoint (found in the integrations tab of the child company) as their email address. After you’ve added them all you can go to your General Settings page (link is in the left sidebar). From there go to Advanced Settings and check the box next to “Disable Multiple Agent Queuing”.

Congratulations! You’re now running a hierarchy style account.

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