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Reach Setup

To start with Reach you first need to have your accounts organized into a hierarchy model. This entails having one top level (parent) company that passes leads down to several different companies, who then pass the leads to their individual agents. To learn how to arrange a hierarchy setup visit https://leadassign.com/docs/admin-settings/organizing-a-hierarchy The only setting we would change from the hierarchy setup is “Disable Multiple Agent Queuing”. We want to make sure that setting is off.

Once you have a hierarchy in place you’ll want to go into the Child account and look for “Reach” within the left sidebar. On that page you can enable having leads sent directly to your agents from the Parent account.

The account is now functioning with “Reach” as the distribution method, however we need still to setup tags. We’ll want to head back up to the Master account to create some tags to keep our leads going to the right people at the right time.

In this scenario we have made two tags “Product 1” and “Product 2”. Now we need to go back to the “Users” page and add these to the reseller company to determine that they are capable of handling both Product 1 and Product 2 leads…

Next let’s take a look at applying tags (within the reseller account)…

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