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Reach Tags

Using tags is the most crucial element to getting leads into the hands of your agents. Reach tags are no different in principle, however they are fairly different in setup.

When setting up tags to route to specific agents within specific Child companies you’ll want to make sure that you understand the core differences between the tag types first. If you’re new to tags visit https://leadassign.com/docs/admin-settings/tag-manager.

When applying tags to agents in a Reach model, the lead is still owned by the Master company and will follow all of that companies routing rules. When you give a tag to one of the Child companies you will still need to add that same tag to the specific agents you want receiving those leads within the Child company and the process is a bit different. When you look at the tags within the Child you’ll see separate headers defining which company the tags are specific to. You can only assign tags used for routing Master leads that your company has inherited from the Master account. You cannot edit the weighting, exclusivity or required status of the tags.

When looking at the tags screen in the reseller account you will see additional tabs. These should be the same as the companies you have allowed to reach into your account. If a tag is applicable to all your salespeople simply click on the tag and select “Apply to all users”.

If you want to apply different tags to different salespeople head over to the Users screen and select a user…

You will notice an additional tag area that corresponds with your Reach parent companies. Simply add the appropriate tag to the user.

Note: For hierarchies with several steps/levels you’ll need to make sure the parent of each individual company is tagging the Child companies so they can then pass the tags on to their children and ensure the Reach Setup is followed for every level.

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