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Spam and Filtering

Handling Spam

  • White List

If the lead matches a whitelist rule, it is parsed and dispatched to an agent.

  • Black list

If the lead matches a blacklist rule, it is rejected.

  • Spam Score

If the spam score of a lead (sent via email) exceeds the spam score limit then it is rejected.

The effective range is 0.0 to 20.0.

    • 1.0 Very strict, only people will have a score lower than 1
    • 3.0 – Most regular people will be allowed through and most web form submissions
    • 5.0 – Most services (web form submissions) will be allowed though
    • 7.0 – This will allow leads through and filter out most of the blatant spam (default)
    • 20.0 – Max spam score leads should have
    • 1000.0 – No spam filtering, allow all emails though (set super high to ensure that
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