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Spam and Filtering

Handling Spam

If your email endpoint address gets leaked or one of your forms is subject to torment from pesky SEO guys you can rejoice in Lead Assign’s built-in Spam and Filtering settings.

Here you can accomplish a laundry list of tasks all involving which leads make it to agents and which are quarantined. If a lead gets quarantined you can still access it and Restore it so it routes to an agent, but we can NOT quarantine a lead after it has begun routing. If your whitelist or blacklist rule is universal then make the Email Address field “*”.

  • White List

If the lead matches a whitelist rule, it is parsed and dispatched to an agent ignoring all other spam rules.

  • Black list

If the lead matches a blacklist rule, it is rejected. This does NOT override a white list rule.

  • Spam Score

If the spam score of a lead (sent via email) exceeds the spam score limit then it is rejected. This does NOT override a white list rule.

The effective range is 0.0 to 20.0.

    • 1.0 Very strict, only people will have a score lower than 1
    • 3.0 – Most regular people will be allowed through and most web form submissions
    • 5.0 – Most services (web form submissions) will be allowed though
    • 7.0 – This will allow leads through and filter out most of the blatant spam (default)
    • 20.0 – Max spam score leads should have
    • 1000.0 – No spam filtering, allow all emails though (set super high to ensure that)
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