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Tag Manager

Tags are an extremely powerful and flexible way to create routing rules.

Define tags that are applicable to your business and routing needs, then assign those tags to the appropriate agents.

Lead assign will parse your incoming leads and look for these tags and then route accordingly.

Example: If you are a real estate broker you may have certain agents that sell commercial properties and certain agents that sell residential.
You would make two tags; “Commercial” and “Residential”.
Then assign the tags to the appropriate agents.
When a lead comes in with the text “Johnny Smith is interested in the following residential property: 123 main street”,
the tag “Residential” would be picked up and the lead would be sent to your residential agents.


Tag Types

There are 3 types of Tags used within Lead Assign. Preferential, Exclusive and Required.

Preferential Tags are as seen in the example above with “Commercial” and “Residential”. If agents have no other way of generating a matching score with a lead then they will have to match at least 1 tag in the lead to be eligible and the lead will be passed first to those who score highest, working through the list until there are no matching agents remaining or 8 agents have been offered the lead.

Exclusive Tags are used to define a workflow that should be separated from others and agents must match at least 1 Exclusive Tag to be eligible for a lead. If agent’s match on multiple Preferential Tags but fail to match on any of the Exclusive Tags they will be viewed as ineligible for the lead.

Required Tags are used to very rigidly define that only the agents that match ALL Required Tags can work the lead. It is best to limit the number of Required Tags you use in your routing model as using too many can cause a lot of leads to not be seen as eligible for any agents.

Note: If you’re confused by Required vs. Exclusive it helps to think of them as “And” tags and “Or” tags. If a lead comes in and matches multiple Required tags then the system looks for agents who match “Required Tag 1” AND “Required Tag 2”, where if a lead comes in with multiple Exclusive tags the system looks for agents who match “Exclusive Tag 1” OR “Exclusive Tag 2”.


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