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Custom Tags

There are some instances where a free form tag just doesn’t cut it. For these scenarios we have
created some custom tag structures. These scenarios can include things like price range where
you can use a custom tag to determine an agent that is appropriate for properties that fall
between a certain price range.
List of Custom Tags:

    • Pecking Order

We allow you to increase or decrease an agents pecking order by adding a “PK” tag. This
updates allows you to configure leads to flow to your agents by pecking order first rather
than by keyword.
How to set pecking order

To set a pecking order simply add the tag PK_# (where “#” is a number associated with each
agent). We suggest adding PK tags in increments of 100. The higher the number, the closer to
first refusal the agent will be
For example:

      • John: PK_100
      • Bob: PK_200
      • Phil: PK_300

When a lead comes in it will go to Phil. If he refuses or does not accept in time it will be
offered to Bob, then John.
You can also use negative numbers to down rank agents.
You can use PK tags in addition to regular tags and give two or more agents the same PK
score. In this scenario the lead will flow through a regular pecking order and when it
encounters two agents with the same PK score it will look to match based on keywords.

    • Price Range

Agents can be responsible for certain price ranges. For instance, houses in the $200,000 –
$500,000 range.
To use the price range tag format a tag like this:

      • Range:$200000-$500000 ($, €, £, ¥ currency symbols are supported)
      • Range:200000-500000 is also supported and makes other currencies easier to handle.
      • Add a price range tag in this format only: (i.e. include the word ‘Range:’ at the start)
    • Zip Range

We support Zip ranges, for example: Zip:90200-90299
Which will match zip codes between 90200 and 90299 (inclusive).

If you believe you have scenario that we have not covered here and wish to have a custom tag
created please contact us.

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