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Free Form Keywords

Free form tags can be any text string. Examples include names, regions, product codes, postal/zip codes etc.
How to add a tag

    • Hit “Add Tag”

Enter the free form text you wish to use and hit “Update”

    • Exclusive

Use the “Exclusive” option if you have agents that work exclusively on certain topics. If the parser picks up on an exclusive tag in a lead it will only be offered to agents with that tag and will exclude agents that qualify on other tags that it may pick up in the lead

    • Weighting

This gives you the ability to change the weighting, or importance, of a tag.
By default, all tags are score 50. If you route your leads mostly by region but have some other
rules in the system you may want to make all region type tags 100

    • Weighting can be used in conjunction with “Exclusive” tags
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