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Tag Stats Dashboard

This new stats page is designed to help you see how each different tag you use for routing is performing. If your agents are using the built in Feedback system then you’ll get detailed information on which types of leads each agent is best with, allowing you to best optimize how the leads are routed to agents.

How to use

At a glance this feature gives information like; percentage of total leads with each given tag, how each agent interacts with each lead type and how many end up in catchall. For in-depth stats you can export this dashboard and see everything about each agent’s interactions with each tag. The percentages will likely add up to be much greater than 100%, this is because some leads have more than 1 tag.

This information is offered primarily to be used by Marketing or Sales management to define which campaigns/marketing efforts are producing results and which aren’t. With this insight, it is relatively simple to define where marketing spend should be focused or reassessed. It also allows for management to see which agents are performing well with which types of leads and modify the lead flow to get preferred lead types to the best performers.


For help in using this feature please contact [email protected]

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