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Zapier Integration

Lead Assign supports two Zapier actions

  1. You can send leads into Lead Assign from lead funnels such as TypeForm, Gravity Forms, Other Zapier lead generation sources.
  2. After a lead is handled by Lead Assign, an Agent accepts a lead. At this point Lead Assign can POST into Zapier with both the lead contents and the name, etc of the agent that accepted the lead. One might use this to put a lead into a CRM system under the agents account, or other tasks.

Use Zapier for adding leads into Lead Assign

Zapier integration with Lead Assign allows you to connect services such as Google Forms, TypeForm, various CRM software and other lead generation systems into Lead Assign using the Lead Assign API (without needing a programmer – that’s what Zapier does).

You set up Zap with a trigger such as Gravity Forms or TypeForm or any other Trigger. You then pick Lead Assign as the action.


You need your company ‘slug’ and an API key. Log into your account at https://app.leadassign.com/ and when you do you will see you company slug in the url for every page you are on. If your company was called ACME PAINTING your company slug would probably be acme_painting .

You are also going to need your API key. The SHA256 of the token is what you need, just copy it from

https://app.leadassign.com/company_slug/apikey/ (press generate to make a new one).

NOTE: Generating a new APIKey will stop other api integrations from working. You are perfectly OK to generate one if there is nothing showing. If there is one showing copy that.


Follow the usual Zapier steps – test your Authentication (company_slug and APIKey), and then proceed to generate your leads from your form.

All fields are optional, but you need to put things in the right place as much as possible, as that will help Lead Assign route the lead to the correct agent.


When you test your zap, A REAL LEAD will be sent through your account. You can make sure that lead routes to you in lead assign so that you don’t bother your sales agents with a new lead. If you need extensive testing, create a new Lead Assign account just for testing purposes.

You will likely need to use a 'Zapier Invitation' to use the Lead Assign Zapier tool.  
Simply click this link to get an invite to use this zap!

Use Zapier on ‘Lead Accept’ to populate a CRM or other task in Zapier.

Head over to your Zapier account and start a new Zap.

Create a ‘Catch Hook’ trigger. This is a standard Zapier built component. You don’t use the Lead Assign Zapier tool.

As you follow Zapier to configure the Catch Hook Trigger, you will see a screen with a URL that you need.

Copy the URL from Zapier and head over to your lead assign account.


Enter a Lead ID in the lead field for a recently ACCEPTED lead (see your leads page) and the URL you copied from Zapier and press submit. This will send information about the lead to zapier, imitating what will happen when an agent accepts.

Once your ‘Zap’ is programmed and you like it, you can put it into production with by pasting the POST URL from the Zapier Catch Hook trigger into the forward accepted fields for the admin, or for agents on a one by one basis. You can email and push data through by separating the POST URL with a comma from other email addresses.

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