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Manage All My Leads

Manage All My Leads is a function that allows you, the agent, to manage your leads and adjust your availability settings. You can reach this page by clicking/pressing the small “X” in the top left corner of the lead that you’re currently looking at or click the “Manage All My Leads” link in the emails sent from Lead Assign. After that you’ll be taken to a login page, use your email address within the system and a password you can remember.

Now we’re looking at a simplified version of the Admin view of Lead Assign. You’ll only be able to see the leads tab and only see the leads that were offered to you or that you’ve accepted. To open a lead on this screen you also must be the agent who accepted the lead. This keeps your leads exclusive to you but also a place to see everything you’ve been offered/accepted so you can get an idea of your lead flow.

Note: for agent availability to be able to be adjusted by agent you’ll need to contact your Admin so they can enable the setting.

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