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I have lost my account details. How can I recover them?

If you cannot remember your email and/or password associated with your account please contact our support team. You will be asked to provide proof of identity to retrieve these details (These can be in the form of government certified id and credit card information associated with the account). If you cannot provide proof of identity at this time you will be required to obtain proof before the account access will be renewed. If you are not the only administrator on the account you may also verify your identity to another administrator and they can recover the email address associated with the account. Once you complete this you can simply reset your password.

Why can I not view billing?

If this occurs on your account you are likely set to “Editor” permission rather then “Administrator”. As an editor, you will be able to view the dashboard but will not have the ability to view and modify billing. If you would like to view billing you must be promoted to admin.

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