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Can I delete an administrator?

Yes, you can delete an administrative account. However, there must always be one admin attached to an account. It is not possible to delete or demote the only admin on an account. If you have multiple administrators on an account and would like to delete one of them you must first demote the account from admin to editor or user. That user can then be deleted.

Can I be demoted from administrator?

Only another administrator can demote your account. If you are the only administrator in the account you cannot be demoted. If you would like to be demoted and are the only admin, you must promote another admin before this can occur.

Is my administrator account the catch-all?

The first established administrator will act as the catch-all by default. If you would like to set another account to act as the catch-all the administrators can set them to have this privilege.

Our Administrator is no longer active, how can we access the account?

If your administrator has changed positions in life and is no longer able to administrate the account please contact our Support team. We can help set up a new administrator and get your account back on track.

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