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My users not receiving any leads?

If your leads are being sent directly to the catchall.

Why are some of my users not receiving leads?

This is often a case of users having a low PK tag. If they have a much lower PK tag then the other users in the account the users will receive the lead last and the leads may be accepted before they have an opportunity. If you are receiving leads in the catchall and some of your users are not receiving any leads contact our support team.

My users are timing out on their leads.

This is often a case of short-timers or users not responding in a timely manner. If your timer is set below 30 seconds, issues can occur where your users will not receive the lead before it has timed out. It is best to allow a buffer in your timer (Ex. 45 sec timer will leave an agent with around 15 sec to respond, this is likely to short). If you are still having issues with users not accepting or declining leads in a timely manner you can contact our support staff for a solution.

My users are accepting leads and not utilizing them.

This is an internal issue with the specified user. You can, however, alter their PK tags to allow other users an opportunity before the user in question. Pk tags can be altered in your dashboard. Follow this guide to set a users tags.

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