Engaging your sales teams with the help of technology

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  • Engaging your sales teams with the help of technology

Engaging your sales teams with the help of technology

Want to implement a new platform? Don't bug your salespeople just yet!
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As more marketing spend continues to shift online, lead distribution and management are under more scrutiny. Having visibility at the top of the sales funnel is more important today than ever before.  

Sales process technologies are built to help sales teams face uphill challenges dealing with their individual business portfolios. However, ask any salesperson about updating their CRM and wait for the immediate hesitation. The help of technology is meaningless, regardless of its intent, without proper user adoption. 

Technology that does not prove to immediately increase productivity will meet with some pushback, and this is expected. The goal of technology is to enhance capacity and reduce inefficiencies, and not to add to a never ending to do list. Too often, this is forgotten. 

Adoption of technology is a key component in managing sales performance, and the simplicity of implementation will promote its use. So, how are managers going to engage their sales teams?

Don’t involve the sales agents… yet.

Research into adaptability, functionality, and value-add can occur without the sales teams’ involvement. Setting the sales teams up for success without their going into detail will pave a smoother path to full implementation. Only when implementation reaches pilot mode do the users need to get involved to provide their feedback.

Furthermore, expecting a team to download an application, create an account, and input settings and contact information will only add another few tasks on their low priority to do list. Using time and effort to complete these tasks only takes away from what your salespeople should be focusing on – opportunity nurturing and closing.

The best way to initiate a new platform is to make their adoption straight forward and the value of it stand out. No apps to download, no setup, no account preferences; just click to claim, contact and analyze.

Proving increased productivity and performance will ignite further engagement. 

In a scenario where the lead is inbound, it is critical the opportunity gets into the right salesperson’s hands in the least amount of time.  Simply throwing a lead into a CRM platform does not ensure that it is in the right person’s hands or that actual contact is happening.

Research shows that 1) “79% of inbound leads do not convert,”1 2) “78% of customers buy from the first sales responder,”2 and 3) the chance of closing a lead decreases by 80% if not contacted within the first five minutes.3

Incorporating a platform to lower these percentages will result in increased productivity and performance, which should encourage further participation.

Little involvement, straight forward adoption, minor learning curve, and useable data will help to engage your sales team to adopt to a new platform, reaping the benefits of technology and fast.

Finally – support. 

Any lead management technology won’t work without having your sales roster in place within the platform. Since adoption with little involvement from sales agents is key, this is accomplished by an administrator. Having a designated platform expert to help manage it and support the sales teams is much more effective than keeping users to their own devices. 

In conclusion, an advanced AI and customizable platform should be simple and effective to expect engagement from your sales team.

Lead Assign uses a comprehensive dashboard to track lead response times, agent performance, follow-up details, and a host of detailed analytics to measure your lead programs. Our professional service ensures direct implementation, quick user adoption, and support for the administrators. 

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