Enterprise Integration API’s

Enterprise Integration API’s

Lead Assign makes it simple to augment your existing systems of record with our flexible API.

API’s for existing systems and Industries.

It’s critical you have the data you need across your organization.  Whether marketing automation platforms or CRM’s, Lead Assign is the binding glue and enrichment engine for your current stack. 

Lead Assign does not try to replace a CRM and is not a lead generator. 

Lead Assign’s enterprise add-ons work with your current infrastructure and investment to automate your marketing to sales conversion efforts. All the responses are trackable in the dashboard and can be integrated into your CRM or back office platform.

We understand the challenges large organizations face, and we create solutions that work with your existing software. Accept from any lead source and integrate to any CRM or marketing automation platform.

  • White label versions
  • Custom software integrations
  • Corporate data center hosting

We engineer software that works with your current systems and infrastructure, and we work with you to ensure flawless deployment. We make sure the lead gets to the best agent in the least amount of time.

Lead Assign for HubSpot

HubSpot - Lead Assign Enterprise Integrations API

Marketing Automation Tools
Lead generation and lead management are essential components to any sales funnel. 

Your sales team relies on receiving qualified leads from your marketing spend.

Lead Assign supplements and works with a variety of marketing automation solutions to push generated leads to conversion. 

Successful use of marketing tools drives top of funnel growth for sales teams to nurture. 

Lead Assign ensures every lead is handled by the best available salesperson as quickly and effectively as possible, scaling to accommodate growth. 

With distribution and follow-up on leads accounted for, businesses can put more time and effort into marketing activities to maximize business growth.

Lead Assign integrates with Hubspot technology connecting the lead generation software with our lead distribution technology.

Use your existing lead generation tool to connect an opportunity to the right salesperson every time, and without the back-office expense.

Get the detailed product- or service-specific information in your sales agents’ hands.

Lead Assign for Salesforce

Salesforce - Lead Assign Enterprise Integrations API

Customer Relationship Management Platforms
Software transitions can be a hassle, often demanding a considerable amount of time and thought commitment for integration into a business model. 

Lead Assign aims to integrate as seamlessly and effectively as possible with your existing sales tools to ensure a quick up-time with successful adoption by all your sales team members. 

Integrations with CRM tools are central to the Lead Assign offering. 

Where Lead Assign aims to distribute and route leads in real time with as much customization to fit your business’ needs, CRM offerings act as the immediate database to collect, manage, and report on all your sales data. 

Working together, these two tools create an ecosystem ideal for optimizing the sales funnel. Your marketing team relies on feedback from sales to maximize your marketing spend.

Lead Assign integrates with Salesforce technology connecting our lead management data with your CRM tool.

Lead Assign for Dynamics

Business Intelligence Analytics & Reporting

Lead Assign produces a flexible and intelligent enterprise solution that works within your existing software ecosphere.

Detailed analytics allow our customers to make smarter decisions about their business.

Lead Assign integrates with Dynamics technology connecting our lead velocity data to your BI reporting.

Get valuable data to strategize future growth and marketing campaigns.

Bring visibility to your high-performing salespeople.

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