See Lead Assign in Action!

Enter your cell phone number and we will send you a test lead:

Lead Assign solves the problems that lead generation creates

a lead comes in

we parse the lead

we match content in the lead to tags based on rules you define

we match the lead to the best agent for the lead

we distribute the lead via SMS. If the agent does not accept the lead in time it goes to the next best match

and we provide reports so you can see how your agents are responding

How it works

If you have lots of sales leads your are likely aware of the difficulties in assigning those leads to the appropriate agent. Lead Assign was built to automate the process of lead assignment based on keywords that you define.

Using a proprietary system of tags, rules, and filters, Lead Assign makes sure the right lead goes to the right agent every time.

All your leads in one place

Lead Assign will provide you with a unique email address (  This is the email address you point your incoming lead sources to.  For example, contact forms on your website, leads from your external lead sources etc. Lead Assign also works with innovative new sources you might not know about: QR codes, GPS location, keyword marketing.

You define the rules

Create your tags, assign tags to the appropriate agents. When a lead comes in we look for tags then dynamically build a list of matching agents. Then we notify them, one at a time, via SMS and email. No need for your agents to install any software.

Lead Assign provides detailed reports so you can track your business sources, as well as your Agents’ lead management performance. No more guess work.