Welcome to the Lead Assign Salesperson On-Boarding Guide.

The following screens will demonstrate what it is like to receive and manage leads using Lead Assign’s barrier-less, login free platform.

You can easily interact with new customers, set reminders, and add relevant purchase details all without having to remember a login or download any app.

Just click on the relevant SMS or Email message and start working your leads.

Receiving a Lead Opportunity

You will receive lead opportunities via email and SMS
(depending on your settings).

Simply click on the link in the SMS, or take one of the actions in the email.

Exclusive Acceptance Opportunity

If clicked in time you will be taken to a screen with a countdown timer, and some details about the lead.

If you don’t see this screen it means you missed your exclusive opportunity. Fear not, the lead may still be available. Follow the on screen instructions to put your name back in the queue for a second chance.

Let’s take a look around some of the features…

Countdown Timer
1. When the lead is sent to you your exclusive time to accept the lead begins. If you wait too long the lead will automatically be offered to the next agent.
Tags and Lead Preview

2. You will be shown some information to give you an idea what the customer is interested in. This can include product interest, expected purchase timeframe, budget, and the overall location.

The lead contact information and key details are not available to you unless you accept the lead.

Accept or Decline

3. If the lead is of interest hit the green accept button. You will be presented with full lead details.

If the lead doesn’t appear to be applicable, decline the lead. The lead will then be offered to the next best suited salesperson.

Accepting or declining in a timely manner will improve your overall agent performance score within the platform. Improving this score will ensure you receive the most applicable leads in the future.

Lead Detail Screen

Once accepted you will be able to see full lead details along with contact information. 

Scroll down to see the original lead enquiry. 

You can directly contact the lead be either emailing them, send them an SMS message, or call them by tapping on the relevant icons.

You’ll notice some tabs at the top of the screen. Let’s take a look at those…

Conversion Progress (Follow Up)
2. Tap on the second tab to update the status of the lead. This will provide conversion information back to the account owner and makes it possible to ensure the leads you are receiving are good quality leads. It also allows you to better track the progress of your leads… more on that shortly.
Comments and Questions

3. Tap on the third tab to discuss the lead with an administrator. This makes it super easy to ask a question, or answer and query from your administrator.

follow up

Updating Conversion Status and Providing Feedback

A crucial part of ensuring you are being offered quality leads is providing conversion feedback so those in charge of generating leads can tell which sources work, and those that do not.

Lead Assign’s conversion form has been designed to simplify this process. Simply change the status of the lead and get on with your day. No need to fill out lengthy forms with complex submission rules. Just set it and go.

Automated Feedback Requests

If enabled by your administrator, you may receive an email asking you for feedback on a particular lead.

Simply click on the relevant link to be taken back to the second tab (the conversion status tab) on the lead screen.

Set Initial Status

The first questions usually pertains to whether you have made contact, or are actively pursuing the lead. Simply set “Yes” or “No”

If Choosing “No”

If you choose “No” then you are presented with a few choices to communicate why. This can include bad contact credentials, unresponsive customers, or some other reason. 

You can still come back at a later date and change the status. Remember, this is a flexible feedback form!

If Choosing “Yes”

If you choose “Yes” then you are presented with a few more choices where you can add additional information.

Again, you can come back at a later date and change anything. 

Set Buying Stage

This drop down has a number of choices that are applicable to your business. They can differ from one the ones shown here.

Add Next Follow Up Date

You can set a follow up date and we will remind you! This also lets your administrator know what your plans are.

Add Expected Purchase

With a simple tap you can add expected purchase details. When you close this deal you will have the opportunity to confirm or edit these details.

Closing a Lead

Once you select “Closed” you will be able to set reason, close date, and confirm purchase details.


Once you have finished updating the closed information, tap “Confirm Close”.

The End.

Now you understand how the system works it’s time to jump in and start converting.

Let us know if you have any questions.

Interested in seeing a lead on your phone?

If you want to see these screens for yourself we can send you a test lead with dummy content. No actions will be taken so feel free to click around.