Global Enterprise

Through a series of multi-point integrations, Lead Assign provides lead management capabilities to capture and track leads from your extended network with advanced business intelligence.

HP - Lead Assign Success Story

Hewlett-Packard (HP) fuels their customers with smart printing processes driving their customers’ operational efficiency, flexibility, and profitability.  With sales partner strategies, HP drives their lead to revenue funnel with urgency. The Lead Assign platform provides visibility to the partner lead journey prompting a competitive lead pursuit culture and eliminating lead management gaps.

HP manages its leads at a global scale.

You cannot guarantee your channel will adopt new software. That’s why Lead Assign’s platform is designed with the standard tools they already use – a browser, SMS, and email. There is no login required or app to download.

Seamless lead distribution via email or SMS maximizes ease of use for your sales network enabling rapid onboarding and go-to-market strategies.

HP captures and distributes its inbound leads.

HP routes leads globally, but geographical region doesn’t impact its lead management. Through the elimination of spreadsheets, HP routes thousands of leads instantly to over 960 partners in Europe, Asia, and North America over a period of three months. If a lead is not accepted by an agent, it is routed and offered to the next best suited – and so on until acceptance.

HP enriches its KPIs with feedback data.

HP responds to their customers with the upmost speed to lead. By encouraging competitive sales culture, HP knows their top-performing channel partners and drives conversion. HP saw an increase of almost 9x conversion percent rate over the course of automation implementation.

They have answers to questions such as “Are my leads getting worked?” More importantly, “Are my leads being worked by the right partner?” With Lead Assign, lead velocity is enhanced through prompting lead pursuit and identifying top-performing agents. No application adoption needed. No friction.