Partner Sales Velocity

Save time by creating advanced workflows to manage all inbound leads.

Leave the tedious status updates and partner check-ins to automation.

Using customizable lead pursuit enablement strategies, partners will have the tools to improve sales velocity throughout the entire lead-to-close process.

Graph upward trend - Lead Assign Partner Sales Velocity

Improve your entire channels sales velocity.

Have your partners work your leads more efficiently, without having to call, email or send spreadsheets. With our configurable and customizable lead pursuit automation, you’ll have the tools to increase velocity across the entire lead to close process.

Start generating more revenue per lead.

Since 2016 we’ve helped growing brands with diverse channels increase sales velocity and make sure every lead is actioned – automatically. An increase in velocity leads to an increase in conversion. We have the stats to prove it.

Drive sales velocity without managing partners.

Generate lead offers with customizable expiration to match leads with the most relevant and readily available salesperson on your team.  Create urgency and competition among your teams through performance-based routing features to further boost productivity and emphasize effective lead management practices.

Lead Assign

Salesperson On-Boarding Guide.

A complete step-by-step guide of each feature.

You Can’t Manage What You Can’t Track.

Tracking leads is critical to understanding how your partners and marketing programs are progressing. Use this FREE spreadsheet as a starting point for your leads that are sent to your partners or retailers.
Lead Management System - Lead Assign

Revenue Opportunity

  • Can include resellers, retailers, distributors, agents, reps etc.
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