Sales Pipeline Visibility

Have your partners work your leads faster, without having to call, email or send spreadsheets.

Track, measure, and report the state of every lead and partner, individually or as a team, using a detailed dashboard.

Make data-backed decisions and continuously improve revenue operations with lead management insights.

Sales Pipeline - Lead Assign

Real-time visibility across your sales network

The state of every partner’s lead conversion progress allows you to know your lead to close pipeline data in real-time.

Lead Assign tracks, measures, and reports the state of every partner and lead program in an easy-to-use and highly useful data dashboard so you can act on the insights.

Get Sales Pipeline KPIs

Real-time dashboard and aggregated lead information is at your fingertips in your own branded enterprise instance.

Know the state of every program, partner, and lead, without having to lift a finger and ask. Notify and request feedback from lead owners to improve your view of the sales funnel.

HP - Lead Assign Success Story

Hewlett Packard

Customer Since 2018.
See how HP increased lead velocity over 300% across 40 countries.

Royal LePage - Lead Assign Success Story

Royal LePage

Customer Since 2016.
Learn how lead acceptance and first contact velocity is critical to Royal LePage’s over 20,000 agents.

Mannington - Lead Assign increase sales velocity


Customer Since 2019.
Learn how Mannington strengthens their retailer network of 3,500 by relying on Lead Assign.

Get 100% pipeline visibility for every partner’s pursuit progress.

Track agent and partner success through comprehensive analytics and gain a comprehensive high-level view of all your lead generating channels. Marketing ROI, campaign attribution, and sales conversion all readily available through an interactive dashboard.

Lead Assign

Salesperson On-Boarding Guide.

A complete step-by-step guide of each feature.

You Can’t Manage What You Can’t Track.

Tracking leads is critical to understanding how your partners and marketing programs are progressing. Use this FREE spreadsheet as a starting point for your leads that are sent to your partners or retailers.
Lead Management System - Lead Assign

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