Sales Pipeline Visibility

Have your partners work your leads faster, without having to call, email or send spreadsheets.

Sales Pipeline - Lead Assign
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Real-time visibility across your sales network

The state of every partner’s lead conversion progress allows you to know your lead to close pipeline data in real-time.

Lead Assign tracks, measures, and reports the state of every partner and lead program in an easy-to-use and highly useful data dashboard so you can act on the insights.

Get Sales Pipeline KPIs

Real-time dashboard and aggregated lead information is at your fingertips in your own branded enterprise instance.

Know the state of every program, partner, and lead, without having to lift a finger and ask. Notify and request feedback from lead owners to improve your view of the sales funnel.

Get 100% pipeline visibility for every partner’s pursuit progress.

Track agent and partner success through comprehensive analytics and gain a comprehensive high-level view of all your lead generating channels. Marketing ROI, campaign attribution, and sales conversion all readily available through an interactive dashboard.

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Sales Pipeline Visibility