Sales Process Automation

Save time by creating advanced workflows to manage all inbound leads. 

Focus on improving lead velocity by first addressing lead acceptance and speed-to-lead.

Use machine learning and competitive lead routing to get your leads offered to the best-suited sales partner available.

Cogs - Leadassign Sales Process Automation

Automate lead delivery and sales process.

Leading organizations focus on improving lead velocity across their entire channel, especially lead acceptance and first contact. Lead Assign uses machine learning and competitive routing to get your leads offered to the best-suited sales partner.
lead distribution - Lead Assign

Eliminate costly manual lead distribution.

Save time by creating advanced workflows to manage all inbound leads. Lead Assign’s patented lead management solution has the flexibility to meet your industry-specific use-case and capture all your marketing leads.
HP - Lead Assign Success Story

Hewlett Packard

Customer Since 2018.
See how HP increased lead velocity over 300% across 40 countries.

Royal LePage - Lead Assign Success Story

Royal LePage

Customer Since 2016.
Learn how lead acceptance and first contact velocity is critical to Royal LePage’s over 20,000 agents.

Mannington - Lead Assign increase sales velocity


Customer Since 2019.
Learn how Mannington strengthens their retailer network of 3,500 by relying on Lead Assign.

Increase sales efficiency by optimizing lead flow.

Consolidate various lead sources under one platform, standardize lead routing, and ensure all leads are managed by the most appropriate agents in your sales network.

Lead Assign

Salesperson On-Boarding Guide.

A complete step-by-step guide of each feature.

You Can’t Manage What You Can’t Track.

Tracking leads is critical to understanding how your partners and marketing programs are progressing. Use this FREE spreadsheet as a starting point for your leads that are sent to your partners or retailers.
Lead Management System - Lead Assign
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