How We Work

Lead Assign’s Enterprise Methodology

Lead Assign is more than a platform.  Leverage a collective of experienced professionals in lead management, to deploy a solution that works for you. Our patented technology has been developed across hundreds of different use cases, let’s find what fits yours best together.

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Lead Management Requirement Gathering

We have over a decade of experience, delivering over X million leads to over X thousand agents across over X countries. Help us understand your business case to tailor a solution specific to your needs. 

What criteria defines your lead routing?  Who should be receiving leads and when? Where are you leads coming from and how can we integrate with your other systems? We love to discuss leads. From routing, to management, to analytics and reporting, book a call now to connect with an expert.

Revenue Operations Workflow Configuration

Work with our team of lead management experts to optimize lead workflows. Build an automated solution and maximize the potential the Lead Assign platform has to offer.With flexible features for use-cases across every industry, our team will guide and collaborate with you to ensure nothing is left out.

Lead Assign Deployment and Onboarding

Through white labeling, branding, and customized messaging Lead Assign can be completely personalized for you and your team. Sales network onboarding and setup on the platform for a smooth and immediate transition. Leverage a dedicated support line, knowledge base, and resource library to continually improve your account, and adjust wherever necessary.

Speak with a lead management expert.