Cogs - Leadassign Sales Process Automation

Sales Process Automation

Save time by creating advanced workflows to manage all inbound leads.

Keyboard - Leadassign Sales Pipeline Visibility

Sales Pipeline Visibility

Know the state of every program, partner, and lead, without having to lift a finger and ask.

Heart in Hand Technology Adoption - Lead Assign Partner Adoption

Partner Adoption

Guarantee partner adoption without provisioning an application.

Graph upward trend - Lead Assign Partner Sales Velocity

Partner Sales Velocity

Have your partners work your leads faster, without having to call, email or send spreadsheets.

Use Cases

Lead Capture

Capture 100% of your inbound leads

Lead Routing

Intelligently route every lead

Lead Qualification

Ensure every lead is qualified

HP - Lead Assign Success Story

Lead Management

Manage leads without managing sales partners

Royal LePage - Lead Assign Success Story

Lead Conversion

Convert inbound leads faster