Speed2Lead Velocity System

In today's commoditized market, it is crucial to capitalize on opportunities at the precise moment potential customers are looking to purchase, and most importantly before your competitors do.

Our system offers leads to your external agents, based on rules you determine, in just seconds.

100% adoption

Lead Assign is a hassle-free solution. There's no need to login or download an app. Once you've configured the system, everything is good to go! Agents will receive leads instantly by SMS and email. We understand that adoption can't be forced, but Lead Assign makes it easy and straightforward for everyone involved.

Perfect Match Routing Engine

Our lead routing technology is unmatched, featuring patented algorithms that pair leads with the most qualified agent based on criteria like business line, location, and agent performance. Additionally, our routing engine continually learns and improves, ensuring optimal results. For those who require customized routing beyond a basic round-robin, our Perfect Match engine delivers.

Your Lead GPS

Get a complete view of all lead activity as it moves through the routing assignment and conversion journey-- from lead offer to lead close. You'll have complete audibility and transparency.

See how we deliver Leads

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Client Testimonials

“Matching the right lead to the right agent improved our close rate by 20% and also improved our customer satisfaction.”

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Northbridge eliminated spreadsheets resulting in $500k annual savings while also  enhancing lead qualification and velocity through prompting lead pursuit.

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Is Lead Assign right for you?

Have you been unsuccessful trying to manage lead distribution within your existing vendors/tech stack?

Has using a CRM or PRM turned out to have limited adoption across your partner network?

Do you feel like your routing requirements are just too complex to be handled by a standard routing engine?


If you answered yes to any of these, we think we can help.