Leads: The more we understand them, the more we realize how completely the business world relies on them. It’s difficult to think of a line of business that isn’t dependent on leads in one form or another.  By definition, a lead is essentially the prospective consumer of a product or service, created when an individual or business shows interest and provides contact information that is captured by various means. Businesses gain access to potential customers through advertising, trade shows, direct mailings, and numerous other marketing efforts.

Some lead-driven businesses are more obvious than others. Automotive, Real Estate, Subscriptions, and Software come easily. However, if you dig a little deeper  you’ll discover some far less apparent businesses that fly under the radar.  Consider Law Firms, Construction Companies, Recruiters, and everyday Retailers for starters. Then look at Collection Companies, Screen Doors Manufacturers, and even African Safaris, these are just some of the industries that have come to Lead Assign looking to solve some very real lead routing challenges.

Most of us have seen the wildly shocking statistics published online  proclaiming that the average lead sits idle for 46 hours before being handled, and lets not forget the jaw dropping data showing that the likelihood of a lead converting will drop 900% from five to 30 minutes.

One statistic that you don’t see too much about revolves around hidden leads. The culprit is a Black Hole or perhaps the Bermuda Triangle of sales…where good leads go to die. There are many opportunities for a lead to get lost while navigating along its doomed path on a one-way journey to the grave. Many of us are guilty of helping a lead along on its ill-fated destination, yet we do it unknowingly so.

As Director of Sales & Marketing here at Lead Assign, I’m lucky to get an inside glimpse at our customers’ lead growth and activity. Quite often our amazing customers will share some very candid stories with us. We have had customers tell us that before using Lead Assign they relied on post-it notes being stuck to telephones. We have seen highly paid executive staff spending 15% of their day manually distributing leads to staff.  We’ve seen a receptionist channelling preferred leads to her boyfriend… who also worked for the firm. The stories are endless but the point of it all is that leads come from anywhere and everywhere and in doing so, they often get mishandled and never make it to a salesperson because there was no predefined destination to begin with, aside from an neglected email inbox or a voicemail that will never get heard.

We know this because we see the immediate results when leads are consolidated within Lead Assign. When we on-board a new customer at Lead Assign one of the very first things we ask is, “How many leads do you estimate will be distributed monthly?”  Without exception, the response is always about 20-40% light of the volume that we see  immediately once their leads are consolidated in our system. While it may be a short-lived pleasant surprise to our client, it doesn’t take long for the light bulb to go off when they start calculating exactly how many of their leads ended up in the Bermuda Triangle of Sales in the past. Having one single destination for all of your web leads will instantly increase your lead pool. Lead Assign allows you to point each of your lead channels at a single endpoint email address. We then parse it and distribute it based on relevant rules that you design using keywords and tags. Your chat leads, website inquiries and web-form leads plus leads from corporate HQ and even phone ins and walk ins are easily consolidated and distributed with Lead Assign.

If the available lead response data is to believed, you are probably right now, sitting on leads that you’ve paid for but, sadly they have long since gone cold. It’s not too late to buck the system. Take the steps to consolidate the leads that you are paying to generate. Get them all into one place and distribute with intelligence. Get them to the right salesperson first time, every time. Remember, you have about five minutes to get to the prospect. If you want to see this in action, click here and enter your cell phone number. I promise you will hear from us every time.   Get Lead Assign.


M. joe Steeves

Director of Sales & Marketing

Lead Assign

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