No One Wants To Know What Goes Into Making The Sausage


Not so long ago, I was sitting at my desk at Lead Assign HQ pondering. I was having a problem understanding a part of the scoring system and algorithm that Lead Assign’s Patent Pending technology utilizes to make what we do possible. Having asked for some insight into the issue, a young apprentice coder on staff started to explain to me how and why the intricate process worked beneath the many layers computer code. As I continued to listen, it quickly became apparent that I was involved in a discussion that was far out of my league and beyond my capacity to comprehend. As I started to glaze over having lost any memory or interest in my initial inquiry, I was miraculously rescued with the interjection of an off the cuff proclamation from Tom, Lead Assign’s CTO and a founding partner. “Nobody cares what went into making the sausage” he barked loudly, “they just like the sausage” he reiterated.

This comment of course was Tom’s way of letting his apprentice coder know that when someone like myself is asking for an explanation or help, they aren’t usually looking for an answer peppered with all of the juicy details, no matter how sophisticated, or in this case, how gross they may be. A good salesperson will have the inherent ability to take something complicated and make is easy for a customer to understand. The prospect simply wants to know, where is the payoff, and what’s in it for them.

Just recently for the first time ever, astronomers have confirmed the existence of an intense magnetic field surrounding the event horizon of a supermassive black hole. To a guy like me, this highly anticipated astronomical news means very little to me, at least from the onset. Fortunately for me, Tom, our CTO happens to really be Dr. Tom Andersen, an elite member of a Nobel Prize winning team from 2015 and also an expert in Cosmology and Particle Physics. I’m certainly am keeping great company these days!  Getting to know Tom, Ive come to learn that he has a fantastic ability to take the complicated and dumb it down for a good ole sales guy like myself. After hearing the announcement of the new discovery and catching Tom as he walked by my desk, I asked him to quickly explain to me, in layman terms, what exactly all of this “space news” really means. The explanation I received was nothing less than astounding, easy to understand but more than anything he made it incredibly exciting to me. I went home that evening and proudly described, to anyone that would listen, the magnitude of this momentous and what it all meant for humanity. I was after all an expert on the subject now.

You see Tom, didn’t tell me how the sausage was made. Tom simply explained what the sausage meant, and in a way that was easy for me to understand. Lead Assign is a sophisticated little bit of software but it is pretty easy to understand and grasp when clearly explained. My Lead Assign elevator pitch is this:

Lead Assign delivers your leads, almost magically, to an agents phone seamlessly by both text and email. Lead Assign features Patent Pending technology with automated lead consolidation and distribution capabilities allowing for the automatic delivery of all of  your leads to most qualified agent, based on unique keywords and tags that are pre-determined by the user. 

If you’re a working in a lead based environment, the above statement is simple to understand and the payoff to a customer is obvious in that Lead Assign can save them a lot of time by automating what is currently a painfully manual process. I will spare you all of the other gross details.

M. Joe Steeves, Director of Sales and Marketing

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