Big or small, we share the love.

The Lead Assign Partner Program is designed for companies of all sizes. If you provide marketing automation, online marketing services, IT consulting, or web development the Lead Assign Partner Program could be right for you.

Add Lead Assign to your portfolio and generate a minimum of 30% of every subscription sale and 100% of the value added services – and we’ll help you sell it!

Lead Assign works for organizations in real estate, consumer electronics, automotive, and large volume lead generators. We have great references from top companies like HP, Royal Lepage and others to help you not only get the conversations to build your business but to grow your bottom line.


How to make money with Lead Assign

1. Be a World Leader in Leads – Out of the Box.

Lead Assign is built to automatically track and route in real-time every lead your customer generates. It’s simple, if your customer has forms, facebook ads, twitter surveys, or instagram ads you can help them grow their business and generate additional sales. Every SaaS subscription grows their business and your bottom line.

2. Project Management and Value Added Services.

Lead Assign is incredibly simple to implement and use. The magic is in helping your client implement best practices for identifying the right sales person and skills to route the lead to. The conversation you’ll have with your clients will increase your credibility and allow you to create on-going regular conversations that allow you to create value added services through consulting, customizations, and integrations.

3. After Sales Services.

We can almost guarantee that as your clients use Lead Assign they will use more Lead Assign – meaning additional users, customized reporting, and after sales services. Using Lead Assign to manage the top of your clients funnel allows more conversations and after sales revenue opportunities for you.

Become a partner today and get these benefits

A minimum of 30% partner discount.

No matter which plan is right for your customer, you will receive a minimum of 30% of the plan revenue monthly – as long as they are a customer of yours and ours.   

Your own free copy of Lead Assign.

Right after your application is approved, we’ll get you set up with Lead Assign to manage your own leads. It’s like a turbocharger for your sales team.

Training and Support

You’ll get your own Lead Assign subscription as a partner and access to our trainman materials and product experts as necessary.  We’ll assist in organizing webinars with your team and ensure you are enabled to perform 1st and 2nd level support for your clients.  At Lead Assign, we’ll be your backstop to ensure your clients are in great hands if needed.

Marketing and Sales Support.

Your dedicated Lead Assign account manager can assist in closing sales with you as a product expert and provide you with access to the marketing material and cases studies to get the conversations going. 

Leads from Lead Assign.

Depending on your overall partner status, we’ll provide you with leads from our own web site and sources.  All leads will be pre-qualified by our team – so no brand new tire kickers, only serious inquiries at the buy stage requiring implementation assistance.

Customizing Lead Assign – this is where you come in.

Lead Assign’s API allows for almost limitless custom lead handling flows and data enrichment.  You can implement highly specific solutions based on your clients individual need.  Our approach is to ensure our platform is used in as many of your clients lead flows as possible to increase their sales teams productivity.

More about Lead Assign

Your leads are the lifeblood of your sales team.

73% of the leads you generate are not contacted by sales.

Lead Assign is the only platform you’ll need to make sure every digital lead you generate is routed to the right sales person – in real time.  Gartner estimated that only 27% of leads are ever contacted by a sales person.  We understand if you feel a little sick to your stomach; we’re here to be the remedy.

Enrich your sales process – and your business results.

Successful businesses have complete visibility to every point of the sales pipeline, too often the most critical part – engaging leads as fast as possible to increase close percentages is not tracked.  We’ve made sure that regardless of the CRM you use, lead engagement by the right sales person can become one of your key metrics.

AI scoring leads to close more sales, like 14% more.

We’re the backbone of many top sales organizations lead routing.  It may be a new concept to some, but our experience shows that proper routing and real-time engagement by your sales team can boost your close ratio by up to 14%. 

Frequently asked questions about our program

How much does being a partner cost?

There is no annual or sign-up fee to become a Lead Assign value-added partner.  Simply fill out the partner application and we’ll get back to you.

What about sales targets?

There is no annual sales commitments as a Lead Assign partner.  We will have quarterly calls with you to see where we can help in your accounts and provide any guidance as necessary.  Please note, we distribute corporate leads to partners and one of the factors we use is previous sales success. 

Not sure my client is large enough, are they the right fit?

Check out our different Lead Assign plans, we’ve made sure the product fits your clients needs regardless of their size.   

How do I get paid by Lead Assign?

All Lead Assign clients pay via ETF or credit card depending on their individual plan.  You’ll receive an automated payment to your account on your clients payment.  We do annual reviews of each partner account to make sure we are calibrated across all key metrics with you, including payments.

Your clients will be in good company

  • As the most trusted real estate brand in Canada, we generate over 170,000 leads annually from our digital channels. With Lead Assign, we can enable the quick response that is critical to engaging online customers with a better service experience while helping our agents and brokers be more productive.

    Kelly McCain
    Kelly McCain Director, Business Services, Royal LePage
  • Without question SANTOGAL’s greatest advantage over its competitors who continue to rely on outdated traditional lead distribution methods is Lead Assign. In 2017 we sold 30,000 cars. Simply put … our partnership with Lead Assign has directly resulted in more sold cars and more satisfied customers.

    Alexandre Gomes
    Alexandre Gomes Santogal Automotive Group, Director of Sales
  • This solution meets our unique needs and provides a very valuable platform to help capture ROI reporting. Lead Assign satisfies three important needs; 1) route leads to the right stores based upon conversion performance, 2) monitor lead performance for reporting and prioritization and 3) track overall campaign performance for ROI reporting.

    Todd Hedberg
    Todd Hedberg Director of Digital Marketing, Widex USA

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