Become a Lead Assign Reseller

Are you working with clients that have a digital marketing spend and are expressing frustration with their post-marketing lead pursuit? Become a Lead Assign reseller partner and solve the “top of the funnel” challenge for your clients.

Who’s a Good Fit?

Lead Assign’s Reseller Program is perfect for digital marketing advisors, business process workflow consultants and MarTech resellers. It’s simple, if your customer has forms, facebook ads, twitter surveys, or instagram ads you can help them unlock wasted leads to grow their business.  We have plans for any size of customer.

What’s in it for you?

Revenue sharing. Add to your bottom line. Quickly.

Becoming a Lead Assign reseller is easy.

There is no annual or sign-up fee to become a Lead Assign reseller.  Simply fill out the partner application to get access to all the tools you need. Start reselling Lead Assign today and transform how your clients pursue leads.

FeesResellerPremier Integrator PartnerManaged Service Agency
Annual Fee with ExceptionsNA$500$1,500
Year 1 Reseller Discount20%NANA
Client Lifetime Reseller DiscountNA30%NA
MSP Agency User Flat Fee PriceNANAY
Renewal CompensationNAYNA
Direct Client BillingNY&NY
Domain Alias Branded Hosted InstanceNANA$300/Month
Admin CertificationNA13
Signed Partner AgreementYYY
Deal RegistrationYYif required
Demo TrainingYYY
Sales Knowledge Transfer SessionYYY
Partner Webinar SeriesYY 
Listed on Partner DirectoryYYY
Partner BadgesYYY
Notification Co-Branding YY
Marketing Strategy Session YY
Integration Boot Camp YY
Partner Advisory Board YY
Partner Success Manager YY
LeadAssign NFR Instance YY
Co-branded Collateral YY
Referrals and Sales leads YY
Shared Slack Channel  Y
Dedicated Partner Page Listing  Y
White Label Option  Y
Partner Tier 2 Support Pricing  Y
Eligible for Subcontract work  Y

Apply to Become a Reseller

Join us and become lead pursuit champions!