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Technology partners embed our customizable lead routing and feedback functions directly into their own application. We are platform agnostic and play nice with most CRM and MarTech platforms. Use our API or Zapier to push or pull lead data to your solution.

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Facebook Connect

Lead Assign can be connected to your Facebook page where leads are being generated so that the instant a lead is generated on your Facebook Lead Ad page, it’s put into your lead assign account, and distributed to your agents. Learn more

SalesForce Connect

Once integrated, Lead Assign is able search and update lead records, and notify lead owners of updates. The trick is to send all your leads to your Lead Assign account first. Lead Assign’s A.I. routing engine will determine if the lead already exists in Salesforce and update as necessary. Learn more


Zapier integration with Lead Assign allows you to connect services such as Google Forms, TypeForm, various CRM software and other lead generation systems into Lead Assign. Learn more