Lead distribution model.

$1 per agent per month + $1 per incoming lead

Free for 30 days. All prices USD

Sell leads, collect payment on the fly.

$1 per agent per month + $1 per incoming lead + 6% lead transaction fee

Free for 30 days. All prices USD

Interested in Volume Discounts?

If you handle more than 3,000 leads per month we would be happy to discuss volume discounts.

How many leads do you handle per month?

  • Lead Assign has given me 2 hours of my day back!  What a relief it is to work with Lead Assign… our leads are going to our agents quicker and with perfect accuracy.   No more whining agents!  No more late night scrambling to find an available agent. This system Rocks!!

    Lexie Longstreet Savvy & Co. North Carolina
  • It is timely.  If I am having lunch with an agent, taking a meeting, coaching, or any of my normal daily functions, I often can't get to an electronic lead for hours after the consumer has made the inquiry.  Compound this time by taking into account how busy the agents are and it can often be hours before the consumer hears back from anyone.  If it takes hours, the lead is dead.  Why bother to even respond?  Intelligent automation increases lead conversion.

    Desmond Von Teichman RLP Locations North
  • Lead Assign has transformed the sales floor. We now have salespeople responding to leads within seconds of the customer inquiry, which resulted in a major increase in floor traffic at our dealerships.

    John Britmore Regional Division Manager

Lead Assign is currently available in more than 10 default native languages in addition to supporting account specific translations.

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