Automated lead management that improves marketing operations and sales velocity.


Automate lead capture from any source.


Real-time lead enrichment to increase lead quality.


The most intelligent lead routing engine on the planet.


Automated conversion data capture from your entire partner network.


Multi-point workflow integration and advanced business intelligence.

Patented, Intelligent Lead Routing.

Lead Assign is a highly customizable, intelligent lead routing and conversion capture platform.

No Login = 100% Adoption

We understand the challenges faced when attempting to roll out new software services. You cannot guarantee your team will adopt new software and it’s tough to change behaviour. That’s why we built Lead Assign’s lead offer and acceptance platform using standard tools they already use, SMS and Email.

Your salespeople do not need to log in, nor do they need to download any software. Lead Assign securely delivers lead opportunities via SMS and Email, allowing them to accept or decline leads as desired.

Lead Assign’s barrier-less secure technology allows them to simply get on with what they do best… converting new leads to sales.

Positive Acceptance

Conventional lead routing and lead distribution systems use basic rules to determine who should receive a lead and then simply hands it off to them. There is an inherent problem with this approach; just because someone has been given a lead does not mean they actually want it, or more importantly intend to actively work on it.

Lead Assign uses a positive acceptance model. Salespeople are given pertinent information about the customer and overall intent, and the opportunity to accept or decline the lead. Performance is tracked and used as part of the real-time scoring algorithm to determine who are the best salespeople from your roster to receive lead opportunities.

Performance Scoring

You work hard to make sure your lead quality is high. You need to make sure you are offering the lead to sales reps that perform well. This means they respond to new lead opportunities (and that can also mean declining a lead if they are not able or willing to work it at that particular time) and keep you in the loop when it comes to conversion.

Lead Assign’s real-time performance scoring system actively encourages sales reps to respond to new leads in a timely fashion, provide conversion feedback (so your sales and marketing managers know which lead generation campaigns are working), and ensures you are automatically matching incoming leads with the very best sales reps from your roster. All in real-time 24-7.

A Single Location for Salespeople to Manage All Their Leads

Keeping on top of all the leads you are responsible for as a salesperson can be challenging. Lead Assign has made it is easy. You are presented with a list of the leads you have accepted. Simply selecting a lead presents you with the opportunity to contact the customer, update the conversion status, or chat with an administrator. We make it easy for sales representatives to manage their leads, and by doing so increase the likelihood of conversion.

Privacy & security is paramount.

We authorize sales reps to access multiple leads via expiring tokens within Email and SMS. If it has been a while since a rep last received a lead, they may have to send themselves a magic link to re-authorize. This means they do not have to remember logins.

Lead Enhancement and Enrichment

Incoming leads are enriched in real-time using publicly available data collected in association with an email address or domain. This means simply collecting an email address at the point of lead generation allows us to improve lead quality by appending profile photos, organization, revenue, number of employees etc.

This not only improves overall lead quality but also adds more insight to the distribution logic and can be tailored to meet your unique business needs and requirements.

Timezone Based Operating Hours

Lead Assign runs 24/7. However, your sales team may not. If you prefer to hold back leads that are being generated during the times of the day that your sales reps are not available you can enable operating hours.

Incoming leads that arrive during out of hours periods are held back, then automatically trickle out to the sales team, call center, or lead buyers based on your operating schedule.

Operating hours are determined using the time of the incoming lead and respect the geo-location of the lead to ensure you have the best lead distribution software solution for a truly global deployment.

Lead Coalescing

Our proprietary patented algorithm can interpret incoming leads to determine if 2 leads are from the same customer. If a sales agent is already working with the customer it automatically informs the sales agent and adds additional information to the existing lead. All in real-time.

Shark Tank, Round Robin or Something Else?

When considering your lead distribution process you likely have considered Shark Tank (fastest finger) vs Round Robin (even distribution amongst sales reps).

Lead Assign employs an intelligent hybrid approach. Leads are offered one-by-one for an exclusive time period based on how well the lead matches with the skills and performance of the sales rep. If two agents should score the same then the lead will use round-robin rules to determine who is offered the lead first.

Should an exclusive lead opportunity be missed, the rep may still be able to get the lead by opting for another chance. If the lead becomes available at the end of someone else’s exclusive opportunity then whoever opted for a second chance first will be offered the lead (Fastest Finger).

If nobody picks up the lead, then all qualified agents and sales reps will be notified of a traditional shark tank opportunity before finally an administrative catchall is notified and the lead can be manually assigned. On top of that, all these functions are configurable.

Isn’t it time you started using distribution logic that makes sense to your business needs rather than force-fitting to an outdated routing model?

Lead Hints and Previews

Create customizable previews for your sales reps to view prior to lead acceptance. Easily turn campaign codes into human-readable strings, add additional information based on the content of a lead, simplify the acceptance process by showing exactly what reps need to see to determine if a lead is right for them.

Battle Cards

Create simple to use battle cards that put the right information at the fingertips of your sales reps at the right time.

Conversion Tracking.

Making sure you are routing a lead to someone who is qualified and has demonstrated the ability to act in a timely manner is half the battle. But now you need to be able to track how a lead is progressing through the sales funnel. Our conversion tracking system presents the sales rep with an intuitive, customizable interface that enables them to quickly and easily update the status of a sale.

Automated Follow-up

Set the cadence and the platform will request feedback from your sales network as the deals progress.

Agents can set contact status, deal stage, and products & services that the customer is interested in.

Form fields are customizable and the agent need not log in to update.

Customizable Feedback Options

Conversion tracking fields can be free-form or pre-configured to show your range of products and services. Customizing these fields makes it easy to tie exact sales items to lead generation efforts.

Next Touchpoint Scheduling

Sales reps can easily set next touch points dates. We will remind them to update the lead status, and you will get more accurate reporting on expected progress with the sales conversion.

Agent Communication Channel

The sales rep interface also features a communication channel between the rep and your administrators. It acts as an easy location to ask a question, provide notes, or provide support.

Export & Integration

Everything is exportable in csv format.

Enterprise options exist for deep integration into back office systems to provide on deep level of real-time analytics and data integration. For more information on Enterprise add ons go here.

Administration & Management of Your Inside, Outside & Partner Sales Network.

Making sure you are routing a lead to someone who is qualified and has demonstrated the ability to act in a timely manner is half the battle. But now you need to be able to track how a lead is progressing through the sales funnel. Our conversion tracking system presents the sales rep with an intuitive, customizable interface that enables them to quickly and easily update the status of a sale.

Lead Routing to External Partners and Competitive Sales Teams

When working with a multi-tier lead routing environment where you are distributing leads to teams of sales reps (be it internal or leased) you need to consider whether you wish to encourage competition between the teams, or once a lead is with a team, it stays within that team. Lead Assign’s platform supports both types of lead distribution models. The standard model goes like this… decide which partner is best suited and then "give" the lead to that partner and let the lead route through available and qualified sales reps within that organization. We have what we think is a smarter approach. We call it the "Reach" model. This is where you reach into partner accounts to find qualified and available sales reps. The result is the sales lead is offered to the very best sales reps from across your distributed sales network. This method has proven to provide higher conversion rates and improved customer satisfaction.

Performance Dashboard

The built-in dashboard gives a high-level overview of all your sales reps activities. It shows you their current performance score, accepted and declined leads, leads that were missed, and the status of the conversion tracking feedback. It can be a useful tool in determining who is succeeding and who is falling behind. For Enterprise customers, we offer a much deeper level of integration allowing you to track via Microsoft Power BI, Salesforce, Dynamics etc.

Geolocation Routing

Offer leads to qualified agents within an operating distance of the customer. Make sure you get the right lead to the right partner based on both lead and partner location using geolocation data.

Geolocation Map View

Get a real-time overview of your sales funnel on an interactive map. This is a wonderful way to see where you may have geographic areas that are being underserved, where your campaigns are taking off, and how your sales teams are performing coast-to-coast.

Roster Management

For smaller teams, we offer the tools to be able to manage contact options, availability, skillset and more.

For Enterprise level accounts we have various roster management integration tools at our disposal to ensure your roster is always up to date.