Automated lead management that improves marketing operations and sales velocity.


Automate lead capture from any source.


Real-time lead enrichment to increase lead quality.


The most intelligent lead routing engine on the planet.


Automated conversion data capture from your entire partner network.


Multi-point workflow integration and advanced business intelligence.

Enterprise Suite

Automation and Intelligent Lead Routing

A potential customer fills out a form, calls a business line, sends a message through social media, or in some way, shows interest in your company. Or your lead nurture program determines a group of existing leads are ready to be delivered to your sales network. 

We parse the lead contents, meta data, and any enriched content that has been appended to the lead. The A.I. engine creates a unique score based on the custom profiles of your sales network.

The lead routing engine uses your company’s custom routing rules to determine the most applicable salespeople. This can include historical data (round robin), geographical proximity, schedule availability, product-line specialities, preferred status, and dynamic performance metrics. The possibilities are endless.

Increase your sales team’s conversion rates by making sure every lead is intelligently mapped and matched to the right salesperson based on your team’s individual skills in real time.

The lead is first offered to the best suited sales agent via SMS and email. There is no need to download any software. There is also no need to login to interact with the Vantage+ platform.

Prior to lead acceptance, the sales agent is only shown details that are deemed important to understand the context (with contact details redacted).  They are given a certain amount of time to accept or decline the lead.

Once a lead is accepted by a sales agent, the full original customer request is delivered to the sales agent immediately, in addition to enriched data on the potential customer.

The platform is designed to make sure the lead is accepted in the least amount of time possible by the most appropriate agent that is available to take action as soon as possible.

The entire lead pursuit history is tracked and displayed in the administrator’s account to keep managers informed. Administrators can view original lead data, submission times, who was offered an opportunity, who declined, and ultimately, who accepted.

Response times, performance scores, and many other data points are available via the admin dashboard.

Barrier-less Feedback Capture

Salespeople can easily update the conversion status of a lead, expected and actual data, and estimated close dates. All of which is trackable via the administrator’s dashboard and all without requiring your salespeople to login.

It is critical that you understand what happens with a lead once you have delivered it to a salesperson. But you cannot force your salespeople to login to your CRM.

After an agent accepts a lead, the automated feedback feature will wait a predetermined amount of time and then ask the salesperson for an update.

The process is designed to be easy and barrier-free. It does not require the salesperson to login.

The salesperson uses our follow up feedback form to provide key performance metrics, such as:

“Did you successfully contact the lead?”

“What is the status (closed/in progress)?”

“What is the value of the lead?” 

All of the responses are trackable in the dashboard and can be integrated into your CRM or back office platform.

Feedback and conversions are integrated through custom API points that ensure your operations platforms are kept up to date.

Response times, performance scores, and many other data points are available via the admin dashboard.

Realtime Analytics

From capture to close, every interaction is logged and provides statistics, such as total lead volume, delinquency rates, average response times etc.

You also get in-depth reporting on individual salespeople. You can see how many leads were offered to a salesperson, how many were accepted, how many closed, and for what value. 

All reports are searchable and exportable. Administrators have access to dashboards to view all data.

Using Business Intelligence Services will ensure all your systems are kept up to date with realtime conversion metrics.

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