The Most Advanced A.I. Routing Engine.

Our patented A.I. engine routes leads based on your rules, and the skills and performance of your salespeople.

No Login, & No App Required

We know you cannot force adoption. That’s why we built Lead Assign’s lead offer and acceptance platform using SMS and Email.

Your salespeople do not need to log in, nor do they need to download any software.

Lead Assign’s barrier-less secure technology allows them to simply get on with what they do best… handling your leads.

Increase your teams conversion by making sure every lead is intelligently mapped and matched to the right sales person based on your teams individual skills in real time.

Studies show responding to a lead in the first 5 minutes increases the likelihood of a successful transaction by 900%.

Contacted within 5 minutes
Successful transactions
after 5 minutes...
Successful transactions

How it works...

It doesn’t end here.

Need a way to capture lead conversion data from your distributed sales network?