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Lead Assign is an enterprise grade proven solution for companies that rely on partners and complex sales channels to sell their products and services.

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Our global clients have increased their partner sales velocity and close rates.

Improved Lead Velocity

(A smaller number is better).

Our enterprise clients on average have increased lead velocity and cut their time to close in half within one year.

Lead Quality Closed Loop Feedback to Marketing

(A higher number is better)

A global enterprise recognized as the leader in server and print technology saw a 3x increase in partner-provided lead quality and lead pursuit details in 2020.

Partner Ecosystem Close Rates Doubled

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In one year, an enterprise client with a product line avg. order value of $25,000 doubled its partner close rate resulting in eye-popping ROI numbers.

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Every Enterprise Account Receives:

  • Standard Features:
  • Real-Time lead delivery
  • Advanced and flexible AI lead routing.
  • Comprehensive Management dashboard
  • Optimized lead presentation
  • Sales Battle Cards
  • Performance scoring
  • Automated lead conversion data capture
  • Next touchpoint scheduling
  • Admin/Agent chat functionality
  • Zapier Integration
  • Multipoint workflow integration
  • Extensible Analytics
  • Lead enrichment and scoring
  • Dedicated account management
  • Online Support with SLA's
  • Comprehensive user documentation

Enterprise Starter

Great for Smaller Deployments
$ 495 per month
  • Included:
  • Up to 75 users
  • Up to 500 leads/mo
  • 2 Admin users
  • 2 Marketing users

  • Add ons:
  • Lead overage > 500/mo - $195
  • Lead overage > 1500/mo - $495
  • Additional users > 75 - $$4/ea/mo
  • White label 1 time cost per yr $695
  • PowerBI monthly reporting access $195/mo
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Partner Lead Management Excellence
$ 2500 per month
  • Included:
  • Up to 500 users
  • Up to 2500 leads/mo
  • 10 Admin users
  • 10 Marketing users
  • PowerBI monthly reporting access
  • Dedicated platform infrastructure
  • White Labeled implementation

  • Add ons:
  • Lead overage > 2500/mo - $695
  • Additional users > 500 - $3/ea/mo
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Lead Assign

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The Power of Automation

How much more you could spend on lead generation by automating your lead flow? Turbocharge your sales network’s lead routing and pursuit.

If you're a start-up or a small business looking to grow, our self starter plan may be right for you.