Powerful Routing Engine

Lead routing is at the heart of what we do. Our routing engine allows you to create rules based on expertise, geolocation, agent performance, keyword, lead source, among many more.

We have yet to come across a routing requirement we couldn’t handle. If you think you have one that could stump us, get in touch – we love a challenge.


Using tags you can determine certain terms within your incoming leads and use these to route leads. For example, if you are routing real estate leads you might set “commercial”, and “residential” as tags. Then in your agent roster you assign the tag “commercial” to all your commercial agents, and “residential” to all your residential agents. When a lead comes in with the word “commercial” in it we route the lead to agents with that tag. You can layer on as many tags as you like. The most applicable agent will receive the lead opportunity.

Geo Location

You can add an area of operation to an agent. In fact, you can add multiple areas of operation to an agent. When leads come in we look to see if the lead falls within their area of operation and then qualify based on tags and keywords, agent performance, and other criteria, to ensure the best agent is matched with the lead.

Performance Scoring

The platform can dynamically score agents based on lead acceptance rates, response times, feedback given etc. Agents with good performance scores are given more time to accept leads. Performance scores are also visible via the agent dashboard. A great resource for coaching!


Any word, phrase, or string can be used as a keyword to route leads. Simply add a new tag and assign to an agent. Simple.

Configurable Time Limit

By default, your agents get 5 minutes to accept or decline a lead before it is offered exclusively to the next best-suited agent. This time limit can be changed to suit your needs.

By offering leads exclusively, agents know that when they receive a lead via Lead Assign it is available to them, and only them, and they should take action immediately. The result is your leads get handled quicker, and conversions increase.

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Spam Filtering

Occasionally spam finds its way into your lead funnel. Our default spam filtering removes almost all spam. If you still find some is getting through you can configure your account to be more sensitive. In addition to spam filtering, we offer the ability to blacklist certain sources or lock down your funnel and whitelist only those sources that you trust.

Multi Language

Lead Assign is currently available in English, French, Spanish, German, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Portuguese, Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese(si.), and Chinese(tr.).

You can set the admin view in one language, and set language preferences per agent.

We are always adding new languages. If you need a language that is not listed here let us know.


Lead Seller Program

Selling leads is a snap using our built-in e-commerce engine. You determine the price of your leads, we collect payment from the agent purchasing the lead and deposit the amount into your account minus our transaction fee of 6%.

Lead prices can be determined using tags. Simply add a value to tag and that determines the price of the lead. If we find two or more tags with prices associated with them the lead is priced based on the highest value tag.


Analytics Dashboard

View real-time, in-depth statistics on how your business and your agents are performing.

The dashboard gives you a snap shot on your business, showing things like total lead volume, delinquency rates, average response times etc. You also get in depth reporting on individual agents. You can see how many leads were offered to an agent, how many were accepted, how many closed, and for what value.

All reports are searchable and exportable.


Real Time Map View

View all your leads on a beautiful geographic display in real time! View color coded lead status and see who has been accepting leads. Check which regions are hot and which are not!

The map view allows you to drill down to specific regions, view leads associated with individual agents or departments, and sort based on status.


Automated Follow Up

Receiving feedback on customer interactions is a breeze with Lead Assigns Automated Follow Up. After an agent accepts a lead you can send an automated request for feedback. The agent uses our follow up feedback form to provide key metrics such as “Did you successfully contact the lead?” “What is the status (closed/in progress)?”  “What is the value of the lead?” etc. All the responses are trackable in the dashboard and can be integrated into your CRM or back office platform.


Agent/Admin Messaging Channel

Need clarification on a lead, or have a question about progress? Our Admin/Agent Messaging channel makes it easy to communicate with your sales team. From within the leads screen simply add a comment. This triggers a notification to the agent that there is a comment that requires their attention. Messaging back and forth is as simple as your favourite chat application.


Advanced Lead Transformer

Lead transformer takes complex, and often misleading email templates and removes the the clutter allowing you to better route and convert incoming leads. It’s all about making sure the right content, from the right lead, is sent to the right agent.



Lead Assign has multiple data points that can be integrated into additional platforms and solutions. From your lead gen to your CRM, Lead Assign is there to make the process of lead consolidation, routing, and assignment easy.

All Lead Assign accounts allow you to forward a lead, once accepted, to your CRM. This means you can create records in your CRM, your agents CRM, or simply notify an external partner.

Contact us for information on custom integrations.

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