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Barrier-less Feedback Capture

It is critical that you understand what happens with a lead once you have delivered it to a salesperson but you cannot force your salespeople to login to your CRM. 

Salespeople can easily update the status of a lead, whether it converted, the expected and actual values, and expected close dates. All of which is trackable via your dashboard and all without requiring your salespeople to login.

How it works...

Custom API Integration Point Available
Salesperson receives a lead
After an agent accepts a lead, the automated feedback feature will wait a predetermined amount of time and then ask the salesperson for an update.

The process is designed to be easy and barrier free and does not require the salesperson to login.
Custom API Integration Point Available
Custom API Integration Point Available
Using the feedback form
The salesperson uses our follow up feedback form to provide key metrics such as “Did you successfully contact the lead?” “What is the status (closed/in progress)?”  “What is the value of the lead?” etc. All the responses are trackable in the dashboard and can be integrated into your CRM or back office platform.
Custom API Integration Point Available
Custom API Integration Point Available
Chat with your salespeople directly from the dashboard
We provide a messaging channel where you can easily chat with the salesperson without having to look up their contact details.

Simply click on a lead, hit the chat tab, and start communicating.

Salespeople will receive a notification and can respond directly, again without the need to login.
Custom API Integration Point Available
Custom API Integration Point Available
Live data synced with your CRM and operations plaform
Feedback and conversions are integrated through custom API points that ensure your operations platforms are kept up to date.
Custom API Integration Point Available
Admins track the whole process
All interactions are tracked and displayed to your administrators so you are kept in the loop.

Admins can see all interactions listed in chronological order making it easy to track progress and record conversions.

Response times, performance scores, and many other data points are available via the admin dashboard.

It doesn’t end here.

Let’s see how easy it is to have oversight using realtime analytics…