Lead Assign works within your existing software ecosystem to add value and insight to your business.

Whether it be via direct API integration or through one of our pre-existing integration partnerships, we are able to work with and improve the data flow and reporting between systems that you already use.




Your enterprise relies on Salesforce, but your sales network doesn’t. Lead Assign creates a bridge, easily capturing lead status data from your distributed sales network and populates Salesforce records.

Lead Assign offers API Integration directly into your Salesforce account. Once integrated, Lead Assign is able search and update lead records, and notify lead owners of updates.

Lead Assign’s A.I. routing engine will determine if the lead already exists in Salesforce and update records as necessary. If the lead does not exist in your Salesforce account Lead Assign will determine who on your sales team should be offered opportunities at the lead.

Once the lead has been accepted, your Salesforce account will be automatically populated with the lead record. Any future updates from the sales person will update the lead record in Salesforce and notify the necessary users.

Implementing Lead Assign in this manner makes it much easier for your sales people to receive and act on leads in a timely fashion, provide feedback on a lead, and allows you to easily combine all your lead sources into one place while maintaining the integrity of your data in Salesforce.


Connecting Lead Assign to your HubSpot account greatly increases the accuracy of your data within HubSpot by creating and updating deals, setting milestones, and tracking revenue opportunities on the fly.


Lead Assign seamlessly updates HubSpot without requiring you or your salespeople to login and manually edit records.

There are multiple ways to integrate, from sending leads to Lead Assign first and populating HubSpot downstream, to grabbing opportunities from within your HubSpot account and routing to your network of salespeople.

For help with this and many other integration options, reach out to us.


Lead Assign now also has direct Zapier integration. Zapier is a really useful service that allows different APIs to work together better.

In plain language, with Lead Assign’s new Zapier integration, leads from tools such as Gravity Forms, Typeform, JotForm, and all other 34 form solutions (plus others) that Zapier supports.

Really Zapier is for solutions that we have not even dreamed of. Connect Leads from a CRM into Lead Assign – and back to the CRM once assigned? Zapier can help with that.