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The Most Advanced A.I. Routing Engine.

Our patented A.I. engine routes leads based on your rules, and the skills and performance of your salespeople.

  • SMS/Email offering
  • No login required
  • Artificially intelligent scoring
  • Realtime performance algorithm
  • Dynamic business rule scoring

No Login, & No App Required

We know you cannot force adoption. That’s why we built Lead Assign’s lead offer and acceptance platform using SMS and Email.

Your salespeople do not need to log in, nor do they need to download any software.

Lead Assign’s barrier-less secure technology allows them to simply get on with what they do best… handling your leads.

Increase your teams conversion by making sure every lead is intelligently mapped and matched to the right sales person based on your teams individual skills in real time.

Studies show responding to a lead in the first 5 minutes increases the likelihood of a successful transaction by 900%.

Contacted within 5 minutes
Successful transactions
after 5 minutes...
Successful transactions

How it works...

Custom API Integration Point Available
Lead submitted
A potential customer fills out a form, calls your business, or in someway shows interest in your product. Or your lead nurture program determines an existing lead is to ready be delivered to your sales network.
Custom API Integration Point Available
Lead payload parsed
We parse the lead contents, meta data, and any enriched content that has been appended to the lead. The A.I. engine creates a unique scores based on the custom profiles of your sales network.
Custom API Integration Point Available
Routing rules applied
The lead routing engine uses your custom routing rules to determine applicable salespeople. This can include historical data (round robin), geographical proximity, product line specialities, preferred status, and dynamic performance metrics.

The possibilities are endless.
Custom API Integration Point Available
Custom API Integration Point Available
Lead offered to most applicable person
The lead is first offered to the best suited person via SMS and Email. They do not need any software and do not need to login to interact with the platform.

They are shown details you deem important to gain context (with contact details redacted) and are given a certain amount of time to accept or decline.

...Let's say they are busy and miss their exclusive opportunity.
Custom API Integration Point Available
Custom API Integration Point Available
Lead offered to next best suited person
The lead is now offered to the next best suited salesperson. The platform is designed to make sure the lead is accepted in the least amount of time possible by someone who is available to take action immediately.

This time the salesperson is available and they accept the lead.
Custom API Integration Point Available
Custom API Integration Point Available
Full lead delivered
The full original customer request is delivered to the salesperson in addition to enriched data on the potential customer.
Custom API Integration Point Available
Admins track the whole process
The entire history is tracked and displayed to your administrators so you are kept in the loop.

Admins can view original lead data, submission times, who the lead was routed to, who was offered an opportunity, and who ultimately accepted.

Response times, performance scores, and many other data points are available via the admin dashboard.

It doesn’t end here.

Need a way to capture lead conversion data from your distributed sales network?